Cargo Bike Race Münster 2019

For the third time it was announced on 3 October: Last, Leeze & Laktat – the Cargo Bike Race Münster took place again on the Schlossplatz on side of the Sparkassen Münsterland Giro. And it was great again!

With just over 40 starters in various race classes we had full runs and a lot of fun. The weather was announced as mixed, but did not bother us much, except for a small shower at noon. The races were accident-free, at least there was only one or the other lenient rider on wet track.

Jan vom Bakfiets Blog im Viertelfinale

We were particularly pleased about the visit throughout Germany: It brought cargo bike pilots from Augsburg, Flensburg, Kiel, Berlin, Dorsten, Dortmund, Nuremberg, Wuppertal and Osnabrück to celebrate with us. The pictures speak for themselves:

In the end, we spontaneously organized a team relay, in which it was about to complete the route including loading and unloading by four. Here it was again a bit more turbulent, but no less fun. Jan vom Bakfiets.blog filmed the team relay from the POV perspective:

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