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Cargo Bike Race Berlin at Velo Berlin 2019

The 7. International Cargo Bike Race Berlin took place at the Velo Berlin Bike Fair last weekend. The race has become one of the biggest ones: more than 70 competitors raced in 8 different classes. And what should we say: it was a blast!

awesome scenery: Airfield Tempelhof

There can be almost no nicer scenery for a cargo bike race than an airfield. On the historic ground, where 70 years ago the famous canybombers provided West-Berlin with the “Luftbrücke” we also have to load and unload cargo fast, but different.

racing around the candy bomber

After last years ICBF in Berlin, the airfield has convinced as a race track: its fast, wide and according to other tracks pretty looooong. 3 laps with a total length of 1.7 km had to be completed. First lap empty, then grab your cargo, one lap with cargo, unload and the last lap empty again. Good tactics, endurance and clever loading were crucial here.

symmetry in cargo bike racing

In addition to the race, its always nice to meet the great cargo bike family from all over the world, see new bikes, meet old and new friends and celebrate the spirit of cargo bikes. Maybe we are not yet an Olympic sport, but a awesome one in any case!

The Cargo Bike Race Berlin 2019 Family!

Thanks to everyone made this happen! Especially our sponsors and partners and big hands for Stefan and his Cargo Bike Fans Berlin Crew! You guys are fantastic. It’s always a pleasure to ride with you!

Video: Johannes Kick


Women Singletrack
  1. Kirsten Haberer
  2. Sandra Thiel
  3. Sophie Lattke
Men Singletrack
  1. Jens Kürsten
  2. Stefan Franke
  3. Nils Holub
Women Singletrack-E
  1. Kirsten Habrer
  2. Sandra Thiel
Men Singletrack-E
  1. Simon Chrobak
  2. Lars Funk
  3. Lamar Timis

1. Rasmus Dahl Jensen
2. Sebastian Falkenberg
3. Antonia Bartning


1. Christoph Mießl
2. Tim Bisinger
3. Thomas Abel

Open Class

1. Torben Skov Anderson

Team Relay

1. Fahrwerk Courier Kollektiv (Berlin)
2. Cargobike Nation (Berlin/Rostock)
3. LastLeezeLaktat (Münster/Wuppertal)

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