Race-Recap: Flying Elephant Race Augsburg

Cargo Bikes are big, strong and can carry a lot, like elephants. And Cargobikers are like elephants, too: they feel most comfortable in the herd. So the motto of the cargo bike race Augsburg is: let the elephants fly!

On July 14th the first cargo bike race was set in Augsburg. In addition to the classic racing modes, the family relay and the #carryshitolympics were the highlights of the day.

Here you see Caro, the #carrryshitolympics-Queen: 15 objects on one Bullitt, amongst other things: 3 construction site weights (30kg each), 1 watering can, 1 canoe, 1 palett, 1 raw egg, 1 chair…. Pic: Andreas Mahler

Good organization, nice family atmosphere, great track and an awesome cargo bike crowd!

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